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10. Customize theme – Front page section “Services”

In the section Customize theme – Front page section “Services” you can add widgets “BFR Hotel:service” that tell more about your services.

Front page services

Here you can write title of this section

Services – background

Here you can add background image to this section

Services sections widgets

Here you can add widgets “BFR Hotel: Service”

You can add image for service or you can add Font awesome icon. If you want add image – you must load it. If you want to use icon you can chose one from this icon and add code to widget:

Font awesome icons (you can find more here):

 fas fa-star
fas fa-star-o

 fas fa-flag
 fas fa-flag-o

 fas fa-plane
fas fa-bicycle
 fas fa-wifi
 fas fa-glass

  fas fa-cutlery
 fas fa-child

 fas fa-scissors
fas fa-wheelchair

Show/hide section

Here you can hide this section

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