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BFR Hotel – documentation:

version: 1.0
created: 02.02.2018
latest update:  02.02.2018
theme demo:

Thanks for purchasing BFR Hotel – WordPress theme for hotels with  mobile-friendly design. This is a best choice for your hotel.

This BFR Hotel WP theme working together with free plugin “WP Hotel Booking” you can read more about this plugin here.

Please, read this documentation before you get started. In this documentation, you can find how you can customize the theme. If you have any questions you can visit support forum on our site (you must register if you want to submit your new topic).

When you purchasing BFR Hotel theme on – the theme package is a zip file containing the following files:

  • child-theme: Zip file with child theme.
  • documentation.
  • bfrhotel: Zip file with BFR Hotel WordPress Theme.
  • licensing.
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