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3.1 About plugin WP Hotel Booking

This Aniro Hotel WP theme working together with free plugin “WP Hotel Booking” you can read more about this plugin here. It is a complete hotel booking plugin for WordPress.

Plugin “WP Hotel Booking” features:

  • Complete Hotel Booking System
  • Room Management
  • Bookings Management
  • Customer Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Pricing Plans Management
  • Extra Packages Management
  • Block Special Date Management
  • Reports + Multilingual Ready
  • Multi Currencies
  • 4 Payment Gateways (Offline Payment,, Paypal, Stripe)

Next free add-ons for plugin “WP Hotel Booking” are available on (you can dounload them from

After installing anf activating plugin “WP Hotel Booking” you can find new options in admin part of your site “Rooms” and “WP Hotel Booking”:

In “Rooms” you can find next:

In “WP Hotel Booking” you can find next:

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