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17.1 Get Google Maps API key

This theme – “Aniro Hotel” used “Google Maps JavaScript API” and “Google Maps Geocoding API” for showing google map on front page and on contact page. To use the Google Maps Geocoding API, you must register your project on the Google API Console and get a Google API key which you can add to your website.

Add your own Google API key

If you installed demo data – you already have a Google API key but it can only be used to test your map and will be disabled in due course. Please, when you start your site get your own Google API key. You must place your Google API key in section “Contacts” in customizer. Open the customizer and enter your own Google API key:

Read more about Google maps

You can find out more about Google maps and the free plan here (see:” Google Maps JavaScript API” and “Google Maps Geocoding API”):

Get your own Google API key

Press this link to get an API Key from the Google API Console. After that you can go to customizer and add you Google API key in section “Contacts”.

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